Services for the art and Artist



  • Planning and artistic direction of multi-year projects
  • Cultural renovation and artistic development/re launch of existing projects
  • Management of startup projects
  • planning of single exhibits phase by phases or as a whole project
  • Management of art exhibits and related events
  • Independent or inter related teaching projects
  • Writing of catalogs or other specialized art publications
  • Writing of brochures and marketing / information literature
  • Press releases
  • Participation and presentation for the vernissage
  • Coordination mentoring and training of personnel, office staff, designers and event organizers
  • Finissage  design and presentation
  • Meetings planning and organizing


  • Management of single or group exhibits
  • Exhibitions design
  • Work selection for exhibits and catalogs
  • Critique writing services
  • Caption editing
  • Biography writing, updating and revisions
  • Brochures and communication material
  • Catalog management (selection of content, critique, images, headings, Critical Anthology, exhibits list, bibliography, graphic design consulting, drafts editing)
  • Monographs
  • Press Conference write up
  • Complete Press conference folder preparation
  • Vernissage presentations
  • Finissage preparation and presentation
  • Exhibit plans for presentation to associations and organizations
  • Preparation of cover letters for requests to participate in exhibits, events and public collections


  • Mentoring service for the single artist and for groups; research and development of the possible artistic available specialized paths
  • Consulting for communications with the media and press


Fiber Art
This is the common thread that can be followed across different fields of international contemporary art. Fiber Art, with its refined visual impact and intrinsic cultural value, is the ideal medium for many different interpretations, developments and events.

About HorsesThunderBetta
reation of interdisciplinary art projects aimed to sensitize the public and to teach people about horses – these extraordinary beings who have always contributed through their labors and generosity to the development of human civilization. The intent is to teach to respect and protect the animals’ physical and emotional well-being.

Artistic geographical cross-culture
A path of discovery, through the language of art, of the roots of our own birth places or the places we now occupy with our lives, with a focus on developing awareness of different cultures that may have crossed our paths. Breaking new frontiers in contemporary art through the re-discovery of manual and theoretical techniques. New generations are expressing the strong desire to re-learn forgotten and forsaken artistic techniques in order to re-discover their lost creativity and to find their own freedom of expression.

Mainstream ‘no barriers’ art
Art is a treasure that belongs to all. We should therefore enable it to become mass divulged by the use various instruments at our disposal, remaining unbound by language barriers, while preserving art’s deeper cultural essence.

Contemporary art observation exhibits
Aimed to learning to observe today’s multi language contemporary art without schemes or prejudices

Workshops exhibitsWorkshop exhibits for the professional artist, aimed to the experimentation of new content and organization of ideas

Forum Exhibits
group exhibits with focus on discussions between the artists and the public


Artist Portfolio
this seminar can offers flexible schedules and modules and it addresses the topic of today’s professional art, the new media and communications available, communication techniques and real life examples and analysis of the necessary instruments for presenting the artist’s work.

Dossier Preparation, on paper and online. This is a necessary document in order to correctly communicate one’s work to the various end users (critics, mass media, international juries, admission boards to exhibits museums and collections).

Job Training
Basic course for companies interested in training their personnel, or for independent consultants interested in expanding their skillset in the field of media communications

In detail:

  • What is a press office
  • approaching the media
  • Press communication writing
  • Press folder preparation
  • Professional ethics
  • Classes and seminars
  • Lessons and focus meetings on contemporary art with mono graphic topics
  • Fiber Art History. From its origins to contemporary trends
  • History of fashion in relation of art history
  • Avant-gardes and Art to wear
  • History of jewels in relation to art and fashion history
  • Book art, calligraphy and metropolitan writing

Personalized consulting available

Translated by Isabella Vacca Arleri